Talavera House Numbers [sold]
Tamborine, 4" wood [sold]
Tamborine, 7"-8" acrylic [sold]
Textiles [sold]
The great Santo
Three Kings Charcoal Tablets (One roll of 10, 33mm)
Tile "Mi Canto" [Sold]
Tile "Ventana" [Sold]
Tile Mosaic, 5.5 x 7.5", Naguals [sold]
Tin [sold]
Tin Angels, 12" [sold]
Tin Catrin + Catrina, 18" [sold]
Tin Catrin or Catrina 15" [sold]
Tin Catrin Skeleton 16" [sold]
Tin Catrina ornament [sold]
Tin cross ornament [sold]
Tin Elvis Angel [Sold]
Tin figura, angel 8" [sold]
Tin figura, gallo 10"[sold]
Tin Frida Kahlo ornament 5.25" [sold]
Tin Gallo, 3d, 13" [sold]
Tin Guadalupe 3d, 8" [sold]
Tin Guadalupe, Lg. [Sold]
Tin Guadalupe, Nicho [Sold]
Tin Hand + Heart, color, 8" [sold]
Tin Hand Mirror ornament, 9" [sold]
Tin Hand Ornament, 9" [sold]
Tin Hand w/Heart 7" [sold]
Tin Hand, 6" [Sold]
Tin Heart 4"x6" [sold]
Tin heart mirror [sold]
Tin heart mirror, red [sold]
Tin heart ornament [sold]
Tin heart ornaments, various [sold]
Tin Heart pair 9" [sold]
Tin Heart Pair w/Scroll, 11" [sold]
Tin Heart w/Scroll, 7" [sold]

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