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"The Story of Colors" paperback [sold]

[sold] Subcomandante Marcos' now famous tale of the origins of all colors, illustrated with Oaxacan artist Domitila Dominguez's super-colorful paintings. This is a new, very modestly priced paperback version of the book that the NEA made quite famous by revoking the grant it had awarded for the book when it learned that the author was Marcos. First printings of the hardback edition included a paper note from the publisher, retracting their printed thanks to the NEA. These rare copies were hotly sought after by collectors and became quite expensive, despite Marcos' rejection of copyright. But all that hooplah aside, The Story of Colors is a beautiful story for all ages with incredible illustrations to match. In English and Spanish. 40pgs, 8" x 11".995

"The Story of Colors" paperback [sold] tsc