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Eduardo del Rio, aka RIUS
satirical graphics

NEW - Rius' version of Zinn's People's History - "Osama Tiosam". Anti-Imperialist US History from Colonial times all the way through Iraq 2, and the war on 'terra'. Excellent.

No subject matter is entirely sacred in the hands of Mexican author/illustrator/marxist/historian/satirist/vegetarian/ humorist/iconoclast...Eduardo del Rio, aka RIUS. Using a distinctive combination of cartooning, graphic collage, and hand-printed text, RIUS takes on a wide variety of subject matter, from history to biography to health and philosophy. Informative, amusing, and never dull, reading RIUS' scathing wit and graphics can also be a very entertaining way to learn a little Spanish. Select from the titles listed in the pull down menu, and pictured below. All books are paperback, entirely in Spanish, and imported from Mexico.


Click to enlargeRius, #01, 'Osama Tio Sam' $19
2003, 6"x9", 192pgs

Click to enlargeRius, #03, Vatican History $15 [sold]
1993, 6"x9", 224pgs.

Click to enlargeRius, #12, Alternative Medicine $12 [sold]
1975, 5"x8", 158pgs.

Click to enlargeRius, #14, Guadalupe (original) $12 [sold]
1981, 5"x8", 75pgs.

Click to enlargeRius, #13, Edible Plants, $12 [sold]
1984, 5"x8", 103pgs.

Click to enlargeRius, #05, History of Apocalypse $15 [sold]
1986, 6"x9", 182pgs.

Click to enlargeRius, #06, Guadalupe (revised) $19 [sold]
1996, 6"x9", 168pgs.

Click to enlargeRius, #04, Biography Carlos Fonseca $15 [sold]
1987, 7"x10", 111pgs.

Click to enlargeRius, #07, Illustrated Dictionary $21 [sold]
1978, 6"x9", 136pgs.

Click to enlargeRius, Marijuana [Sold]
1991, 5"x8", 156pgs.

Click to enlargeRius, Histories of Christ [Sold]
1972, 5"x8", 187pgs.

Click to enlargeRius, Media [Sold]
1989, 5"x8", 145pgs.

Click to enlargeRius, #02, after Dore [sold]
1993, 8.5"x11", 140pgs. 29 [sold]

Click to enlargeRius, #01, Autobiography $29 [sold]
1995, 8.5"x11", 288pgs.

Click to enlargeRius, #09, Herbal Encyclopedia $12 [sold]
1982, 5"x8", 156pgs.

Click to enlargeRius #15, Compa Nicaragua [sold]
[sold] USED. 1982, 5"x8", 143pgs. Page browning, scuffed cover. Rare.