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[sold] "Photographic flip books"

[sold] Argentine photographer Santiago Melazzini's series of black+white photographic animated flip books. Hold the little 4.5" x 2" book in your hands and flip through witty and surrealistic animations.

4.[sold] 'I Love You' a pair of gloved hands fold a love note, and it's transformed into a string of paper hearts.

9.[sold] 'I Love Buenos Aires' (pictured below) Landmarks of the great city float into view as Gardel sings and tango dancers sway.

11.'Surprise!' (pictured below) A photographer takes a polaroid picture of the person holding the flip book - it develops into a monkey.

1.[sold]'Revolution' the camera zooms in to a man's pocketwatch, then out to a belltower clock, and back in to the same belltower in a book, held by the same man.

2.[sold]'Argentine Mate' an old gaucho serves up a guampa of hot mate.

3.[sold] 'Happy Birthday' lips in the sky mouth the words as the letters spell out the message.

5.[sold] 'Metamorphosis', a man in suit and tie furiously changes into snorkel gear and fishes swim by.

6.[sold] 'The Artist' shows painter Luis Noe at work on a large canvas which transforms into a photo of that painting within a book on art.

7.[sold] 'Yeah!' (pictured below) A break dancer spins on the floor which becomes a record on a turntable with dj dancing behind it.

8.[sold] 'Can Art' (not pictured) A somewhat skeptical demonstration of 'action painting'. A bucket of paint is splashed onto a canvas. Jackson Pollock this is not.

10.[sold] 'Tango' (not pictured, and not the same as 'Tango Dancers') An accordion player and one pair of dancers demonstrate the Tango.

12. [sold] 'Tango Dancers' (not pictured, different than 'Tango') Two couples dance the tango as an elderly accordian player appears. (piazola ?)

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13. [sold] 'Yoga' The Sun Salutation, clearly performed and photographed in profile, complete with an illustrated guide to breath pattern on the opposite pages.

14. [sold] 'Football' A soccer goal, from the goalie's point of view, finished with cheering punters.

15. [sold] 'Diva' Zooms in on an opera singer, into her mouth, where a man in his pajamas pleads for quiet.

16. [sold] 'Just for You' A man in a suit holds forth a gift box, out of which pops a miniature girl who blows you a kiss.

17. [sold] 'Divine' A young woman gets her retro-glam on as animated curlers and old-school hair dryer press her into style.

Unique and amusing metaphysical teasers. Argentina. 6

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