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Guayabera, 100% cotton, Limon, sin bordado [sold]

[sold] 100% cotton, short-sleeve rich 'Limon' or lemon yellow Guayabera shirt in traditional style - four pockets, with pleats, but no embroidery (sin bordado). This is a very nice lightweight 'manta' cotton fabric, with a matte, linen-like texture. Mexico.

Easy to care for - Machine wash/dry.

Sizing - (Similar to a chest measurement or jacket size) 32/34=Small 36/38=Medium, 40/42=Large, 44/46=XL, 48/50=2XL, 52/54=3XL, 56/58=4XL, 60+=5XL.

Guayaberas may be exchanged for correct size. Tall sizes are approximately 1" longer than the regular cut.

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