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Notecards, Beatriz Aurora [sold]

[sold] 12 different (see below) large 5"x7" colorful notecards with envelopes, by Chiapas based artist/activist Beatriz Aurora. Select individual designs listed in the pulldown order window. Images of each are seen below. Terrifically colorful paintings, many on Zapatista themes, and always positive and strong. Stars and flowers, people and creatures, all inhabit Aurora's richly detailed landscapes. Mexico.250

(Several of these images - marked with an asterisk - are also available as posters. Currently #s 1/No War, 2/Chiapas, 4/encuentro, 5/San Andres, and 8/Comet.)

Notecards, Beatriz Aurora [sold] banc

Click to enlarge01. No War* [sold]
Click to enlarge02. Chiapas*[sold]
Click to enlarge03. Zapatista Gardens[sold]
Click to enlarge04. Encuentro*[sold]
Click to enlarge05. San Andres*[sold]
Click to enlarge06. Towards a New Dawn[sold]
Click to enlarge07. Building a New World [sold]
Click to enlarge08. Reaching the Comet* [sold]
Click to enlarge09. iGive You a Rose [sold]
Click to enlarge10. Among the Coffee[sold]
Click to enlarge11. Cuernavaca [sold]
Click to enlarge12. Market Day[sold]