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Mask, Lucha Libre Kids' [sold]

[sold] Mexican wrestling masks for kids. Well constructed of lighter weight, unlined material, in slightly smaller size than adult masks, with a lace-up or zipper back. Mexico.

QUICK shipping: orders placed as late as 4:00pm CST ship the same day. To most U.S. destinations Priority Mail averages 3 days delivery time, Express mail option is overnight or 2-day.

Create your own luchador - "Blank" cloth masks for kids, $8. Now available in black, blue, green, red, and white. Constructed just like regular masks, with lace-up closure, but left entirely blank for you to color or decorate any way you see fit. (Also available as a kids' blank cape $10, and adult blank mask $10.)

FIT: The masks are one-size and generally fit most pre-teen kids. The mannequin used in the images is 53cm (22 7/8") diameter, or a 6 1/2 hat size.

Also available - ADULT-SIZE MASKS


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Lucha Libre Mask, kids [sold] mlkLuchador: 

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Blank wht $8

Max, $15


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Tejano cloth

Tejano foam $12