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Mask, Diablo, Bolivia [sold]

[sold] Genuine ritual dance mask of recycled alcohol cans. This very elaborate mask is worn like a helmet, fitting completely over the dancer's head. It is the most important mask of some dozen or so traditional characters danced in ceremonies associated with Bolivia's vernerable mining industry. The mask is a dragon-like head with giant round eyes, grinning teeth, flaring ears, two large horns, and a three-headed winged hydra on top. It's quite large, about 22" wide and tall, but several of the pieces separate from the mask, thus facilitating storage or shipping. This mask is often painted in bright colors, but we prefer the version here, in unpainted metal. The mask has some rust, but is completely sound, and all the parts fit snuggly together. (Detail images below.) Bolivia.245

Mask, Diablo, Bolivia [sold] mdb

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