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[sold] Loteria Nueva (Villegas) gameset

[sold] RARE + Out of Print. Very limited supply remaining.

Excellent and worthy update of the classic loteria set. Latina artist Teresa Villegas painted a series of canvases with re-imagined loteria vocabulary and images. The paintings were made into a limited edition playable game by popular request. That first printing sold out quickly, and has been reprinted in high quality boxed edition you see here. Villegas' images we think will stand the test of time, and become popular icons just as the classic loteria has done. Some of our favorites are the tiny 'chicle', the authentic 'horchata' in a bag, the male 'sireno', and of course Marcos represented as pipe-smoking 'El Revolucionario'. Gone are problematic nouns from decades past, and now included are a very refreshing and charming set of new vocabularly and colorful images. Each set is boxed, with 10 player boards, deck of cards, (with a monochrome oilcloth-style pattern on the back of each card) 80 plastic tokens, and a page of rules and notes on all the images. And what is more, proceeds from the sale of these games go to FAI, Save the Children Mexico. ( Highly recommended.fe

(Classic Loteria game sets for 10 and 20 players are also available. As well as a companion book to this new set.[sold])

[sold] Loteria Villegas (Rare) LotN