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Lacquer Chest, 6"x10"x6" [sold]

[sold] A very fine example of lacquer (or Laca) work from Olinala, Guerrero. Arduous, pre-colombian techniques are still used to produce lacquers of natural pigments and oils. Here, the 'rayada' technique, of cutting away one layer of lacquer over another, reveals an intricate jungle of tiny birds, vines and animals. The pattern continues on all sides of the chest, including the back. Fragrant Linaloe wood is used which gives the chest a distinctive sweet aroma. Detail image below. Mexico.124

Also available, edition #5x of Artes de Mexico, "Lacas Mexicanas" on the history and methods of lacquer work.

Lacquer Chest, 6"x10"x6" [sold] laca1

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