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[sold] A sublime book for children of all ages. Originally published in 1969, this singular gem of a work was brought back into print in 1997. Written and luminously illustrated by dancer, choreographer, and author of inspired childrens' books, Remy Charlip. This book was always one of our favorites, and we are very pleased to share it with you. Full of surrealist wordplay, and koan-like paradoxes, and silliness, it is a challenging, engaging and heartwarming book. Linear progression is abandoned in favor of free and whimsical use of space. A tiny sign at the bottom of one page reads "Do not read this sign". A tiny rainbow colored cat with 8 legs, on a completely white page is labelled 'octopuss'. Highly recommended. 8.5" x 11" hardback, about 45 un-numbered, profusely illustrated, remarkable, original pages. 1695

"Arm in Arm" [sold] aia