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"Adicto a la Guerra"

[sold] A new SPANISH translation of the excellent "Addicted to War".

Crucial resource for understanding the war business and its impact in the US and abroad. Newly updated (3rd ed. 2004) to include 911, Afghanistan, and Iraq, plus an appendix of useful resources for action. A very serious story, told in the manner of a graphic novel - profusely illustrated with drawings and collage. Chapter titles include: Manifest Destiny, Cold War, New World Order, War on Terrorism, War Profiteers, High Price of Militarism, Militarism and the Media, and Resisting Militarism. Skeptical Gen. Smedley Butler would approve(and he's quoted extensively). 8.5" x 11" paperback, 77 pgs. Spanish. 995

"Adicto a la Guerra" aalg