Huichol [sold]
Huichol bead painting 8" [Sold]
Huichol beaded moon 7" [Sold]
Huichol Yarn Painting 6"
Huichol yarn painting 8" [Sold]
Huichol Yarn Painting, 24" [sold]
Huichol Yarn Painting, 24" [sold]
Huichol Yarn Paintings 16" [sold]
Huichol Yarn Paintings, 12" [sold]
Incense [sold]
Incense Burner, Guatemala [sold]
Irma Blanco: The Wedding of Benito Juarez [sold]
Izucar Arbol, Guadalupe [Sold Out]
Jaguar Bench [sold]
Jaguar Mask, 6.5" [sold]
Jaguar Sugar Bowl, Ramirez [sold]
Jewelry [sold]
Jewelry, Mexicana
JG Posada chapbook, signed [SOLD]
Kid's Chair, recycled pallet [sold]
Laca (Lacquer) [sold]
Lacquer Chest, 6"x10"x6" [sold]

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